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                  Add:No. 508 Ganglong Road, Economic Development Zone, Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province (212213 )
                  Tel: 0511-88219009

                Overseas Chinese Federation of Zhenjiang went deep into the investigation of Yineng Group

                Yineng group Release time:2018/6/22 17:17:21 Click on the:1839 Shut down

                    On the morning of May 25, Huang Bei, vice chairman of Zhenjiang Overseas Chinese Federation, and Ju Chunxia, chairman of Yangzhong Overseas Chinese Federation, led the research team to visit the Yineng Group to investigate and guide the work of the Overseas Chinese Federation. After visiting the smart factory of Yineng Group, they held a symposium and company executives. Representatives conduct face-to-face communication.



                    During the investigation and visit, Zhou Guigen, the chairman of Yineng Group, and Yang Xiangbin, the deputy general manager, accompanied Zhenjiang Overseas Chinese Federation Group to visit the smart factory of Yineng Group under the era of big data. The vice president of Zhenjiang Overseas Chinese Federation, Huang Bei, praised the performance of Yineng Group. She Congratulated and expressed gratitude for the good development momentum of the group. She highly praised the company's modern enterprise management system and overall situation awareness, and its strong sense of social responsibility. She said that, while pursuing economic benefits, the group does not forget to assume social responsibility and make local economic and cultural construction a positive contribution.

                Before the research forum, Huang Qi, vice chairman of Zhenjiang City Federation of Overseas Chinese, presented the honorary certificate of Zhenjiang City's returned overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese. During the research forum, the chairman of the group reported to the research team on the development of the work of the overseas Chinese federation, the achievements in the work and the difficulties and problems faced, and put forward relevant suggestions. Zhou Guigen proposed that the organization of the government organization department went to the factories in Suzhou and Wuxi, and was greatly moved. He decided to introduce advanced management plans of world-class enterprises and turn the company into a modernized management with first-class management and pleasant environment. A hundred-year enterprise hopes to help enterprises open up foreign markets and obtain higher benefits through the bridge and link role of Zhenjiang City Federation of Overseas Chinese in the context of the “One Belt, One Road” strategy. The representative of Zhenjiang City Federation of Overseas Chinese Federation said that in the future, it will build a platform, highlight the highlights of the company, conscientiously implement the work plan, cooperate with the relevant parties in the platform of overseas Chinese, and closely contact with the enterprise to serve the enterprise wholeheartedly.


                In this investigation, Zhenjiang City Overseas Chinese Federation and Yineng Group have established a good communication channel, which has narrowed the distance between the Overseas Chinese Federation and enterprises and enhanced mutual friendship. Zhenjiang City Federation of Overseas Chinese has mastered the universal and special problems in the development of enterprises. The establishment of effective measures to promote the development of enterprises laid the foundation. The research team pointed out that the purpose of the survey is to understand and master the development of the enterprise, to identify the entry point for the overseas Chinese association to help and support the development of the enterprise, and hope to further improve the service work and support the development of the overseas Chinese enterprise through research. Provide support and help.