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                  Add:No. 508 Ganglong Road, Economic Development Zone, Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province (212213 )
                  Tel: 0511-88219009

                ABB Best Performance Supplier

                Yineng group Release time:2018/1/27 13:30:10 Click on the:1118 Shut down

                Jiangsu Yineng Electric Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Best Performance Supplier"

                On January 23, 2018, ABB (China) Co., Ltd. held a 2018 EPIP Supplier Conference in Xiamen, and awarded Jiangsu Yineng Electric Co., Ltd. the "Best Performance Supplier".




                ▲Huang Xiang (left), head of EPIP China business unit of ABB (China) Co., Ltd., presented the award to Zhou Tao (middle), deputy general manager of Yineng Group


                “Best Performance Supplier” is ABB's highest level awarded for outstanding suppliers. The award criteria are extremely stringent, including supplier performance PPC scores, supplier purchases and purchase quantities, on-time delivery rates, products offered, technical content and so on. These indicators not only assess the supplier's total supply and on-time delivery rate, but also focus on the comprehensive capabilities of the supplier's product innovation capability, business management execution capability and financial management capabilities.


                The award of “Best Performance Supplier” in 2018 is another honor after the “Golden Partner” of the company. It is the quality policy of “Energy Innovation, Pursuit of Excellence and Customer Satisfaction”. Adhere to the business philosophy of “Science and technology highlights humanity, responsibility for future”, actively explore the diversified development model of enterprises, keep up with social needs, and constantly innovate and pursue excellence.