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                  Add:No. 508 Ganglong Road, Economic Development Zone, Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province (212213 )
                  Tel: 0511-88219009

                Yieneng Group wish you a happy New Year.

                Yineng group Release time:2018/2/22 13:29:00 Click on the:1132 Shut down

                Yi Neng Group is celebrating the New Year! Wish you all a happy new year! Healthy body! Happy family!

                2017 is a difficult year and a glorious year. It is because of your support and companionship that the company has created one remarkable achievement. The sales performance has been steadily improved, and the news has been frequently transmitted; the intelligent big data platform of the busbar workshop has been successfully put into operation, and its successful application has been reported by major media; the technology and production departments have worked overtime, to make sure the quality and quantity to complete the production schedule; logistics support keep up with the rhythm in time....... Everything, while improving performance, also laid a solid foundation for the company's development strategy for the New Year.

                Your hard sweat is swayed on all fronts, providing a guarantee for the company's performance to reach a new level and make big innovation. Yineng Group expresses heartfelt thanks and sincere respect to all new and old customers, sales elites and all employees of the company.

                In 2018, it is a year full of challenges and a year full of opportunities. The investment and development of the state in some key industries has provided us with a broader space for improvement. We hope that all employees will overcome difficulties and continue to create new glory, more satisfactory service to our new and old customers.

                Finally, let us work together to open up a new journey and write a new chapter together!