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                  Add:No. 508 Ganglong Road, Economic Development Zone, Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province (212213 )
                  Tel: 0511-88219009

                Yineng Group Successfully Held a Christmas Celebration

                Yineng group Release time:2017/12/30 12:58:09 Click on the:1263 Shut down

                With the warm sunshine of the winter, full of joy, 2018 is coming. 

                            Looking back on the past, 2017 has been unforgettable for everyone. She has given us hope and gain, and it is a year of billions of brilliant and proud;
                            Looking forward to the future, the next one is the better one. With the joint efforts of all employees, the company can flourish, and we will be even better in 2018!


                ▲The venue was festive and full of festive atmosphere, 2017, thank you!


                ▲The group union carefully prepared the Christmas-themed balloon arches
                delicious fruits and snacks are also prepared  for every employee.


                ▲iPad, microwave oven, rice cooker, electric baking pan and many other super rich prizes.

                ▲Zhou Guigen, Chairman of Yineng Group, delivered a speech and sent a New Year’s greeting to all employees.
                Opened the prelude to the New Year's employee party for the Christmas celebration.


                ▲Moderator Xiao Xiaocheng, Tan Bo introduced the party program
                Yieneng employees gathered together, laughed and laughed and shared the festive season.

                ▲The sales elite, Ju Jie, sang "Waiting", 

                the sales elite Sun Xianlong sang the classic Cantonese song "Hai Kuo Sky", 

                and the sales elite Tao Jirong really sang "Tianbian" and won the applause.


                ▲Zhou Guigen, the chairman of Yineng Group, 

                gave a song to "Who is Who", 

                and the high-pitched voice was shocked, 

                and the atmosphere was pushed to the climax.

                ▲The union She Xiaocheng, 

                the Ministry of Credit Fang Min sang "Dream Water Town"
                  beautiful and melodious, clean, clear and moving.


                ▲Office Jin Lisha sang "Hurry that year"


                ▲Sales Department Tang Chao, Finance Department Zhang Yu sang "Run"
                The passionate melody and passionate interpretations swayed the hearts of the audience. 

                The courage to give people forward is full of youthfulness.


                ▲Zhang Ying, from the complete workshop, sang "Going away"
                Jumping brightly is like a breeze, as if you can see the scenery on the road.


                ▲Structure workshop Xu Xinjie sang "just meet you"
                    Real and moving, fresh and warm, meaningful, and flowing.

                ▲The planning department chorus "Tomorrow will be better"
                    The lyrics of the heart, the melody of the emotions, triggered the chorus of the audience.
                    Applaud to beat the beat interaction. Push the party to a new climax.



                ▲Zhou Guigen, Chairman of Yineng Group, draws the first prize to a lucky employee

                ▲Zhou Tao, deputy general manager of Yineng Group, selected the second prize lucky employee


                In the past year, we have worked together, forged ahead, and  our hard work has exchanged for fruitful gains;

                Looking forward to the coming year, a spectacular career is waiting for us to shed our wisdom and talents.

                We are full of confidence, we are about to bid farewell to the outstanding achievements of 2017, to the more brilliant 2018;

                2017 thanks for having you, 2018 to create new achievements!