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                e-MES-Smart Factory Big Data Transformation Phase I has completed as scheduled

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                e-MES-Smart Factory Big Data Transformation Phase I has completed as scheduled

                1.Smart factory globalization

                     With the increasingly competition in the global market, the manufacturing industry is facing more stringent requirements in terms of improving productivity, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and reducing resource consumption. Manufacturing companies are leveraging on the continuous innovation of manufacturing technology, and through the introduction of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing, to achieve transparency, intelligence and global optimization of the production process to meet the above challenges, which has triggered a new round. The industrial revolution, that is, the wave of intelligent manufacturing with globalization, informationization, intelligence and greening as the development direction, has been highly valued by the major manufacturing countries in the world.

                    Big data refers to a collection of data that cannot be captured, managed, and processed by conventional software tools within a certain time. It is a massive, high growth rate that requires a new processing model to have greater decision-making power, insight and process optimization capabilities. And diverse information assets.

                    The development of big data is changing with each passing day. We should review the situation, carefully plan, advance the layout, and strive to take the initiative to understand the current status and trends of big data and its impact on economic and social development, analyze the achievements and problems of the development of big data in China, and promote the implementation. National big data strategy, accelerate the improvement of digital infrastructure, promote the integration and open sharing of data resources, ensure data security, accelerate the construction of digital China, and better serve China's economic and social development and improvement of people's lives.

                    At present, data management has become the core competitiveness of enterprises and directly affects financial performance. When the concept of “data assets are the core assets of enterprises” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, enterprises have a clearer definition of data management, taking data management as their core competitiveness, sustainable development, strategic planning and application of data assets, and becoming enterprise data. The core of management. The efficiency of data asset management is significantly positively correlated with the growth rate of main business income and the growth rate of sales revenue. In addition, for enterprises with Internet thinking, the proportion of data asset competitiveness is 36.8%, and the management effect of data assets will directly affect The financial performance of the company.

                3.Yineng big data construction process


                Yineng Group Smart Factory Phase I Launch Meeting

                Yineng Group and Jiangsu Institute of Technology signed an agreement on “Architecture Design and Production Line MES System Development of Smart Factory Based on Internet of Things Technology in Big Data Environment”


                Group Chairman Zhou Guigen accompanied the party secretary Pan Zaiyun to inspect the progress of the construction of the smart factory of Yineng Group


                Zhou Tao, the leader of the project team and deputy general manager of the group, led the project members to discuss the big data construction plan.


                Production manager Ni Yunfang installed a line in the hardware


                Dr. Jing Zhengjun of Jiangsu Institute of Technology collected programming data


                All members participate and work together to make everyone a project owner!

                4.Perfect completion


                Yineng Group Smart Factory Big Data Platform


                    The engineering electrical appliance industry, as the first major traditional industry in China's engineering electrical islands-Yangzhong City, has achieved steady development in recent years. In the foreseeable future, we still can't ignore it. Many small and medium-sized manufacturing industries are still on the verge of "life and death" when faced with various challenges such as product obsolescence, overcapacity, and Internet shock. If smart manufacturing and smart factories are far-reaching developments, how should companies move forward step by step? The route may be more valuable than the goal. With the continuous investment in national infrastructure construction, the engineering electrical appliance industry will continue to maintain a high-speed growth situation.

                    The construction of the intelligent factory realizes the transparency of the production process of the factory. Through the application of basic data management, pre-production information management module and production line management module, it seamlessly integrates with the traditional production line and ERP to achieve precise operation support. Code real-time scanning code, the system does not need PC machine driver, intelligent terminal is seamlessly integrated with bar code, printer and other equipment, can meet batch, product, key parts, process and other requirements; equipment open interconnection, to meet various data collection and The requirements for early warning transform the overall situation into visual management through electronic signage.
                    After the successful launch of the Big Data Phase I project, the Group's intelligent level has been significantly improved, the workshop operation cost has been reduced by 22%, the order closing rate has reached 100%, the product production cycle has been shortened by 25%, and the product quality defect rate has been reduced by 30%. The intelligent transparent factory laid the foundation.

                     In the next step, Yineng Group will continue to promote the construction of the second phase of the smart factory. It is expected to be fully completed in July 2018, and strive to become a typical unit for intelligent manufacturing applications in the engineering electrical industry of the city.