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                  Tel: 0511-88219009

                The six school of Beijing

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                The sixth hospital of Peking University is the only national health and family planning commission a third rate spirit of specialized subject hospital, Beijing university of psychiatry and mental health of clinical medical, talent training and scientific research base, is one of the world health organization (WHO) collaborative research and training center for mental health, is also the Chinese center for disease control and prevention center for mental health.Since opened in 1980, adhere to the most advanced diagnosis and treatment method, the quality of medical services, to relieve the pain of patients with mental illness and make unremitting efforts.
                To meet the medical needs of the people is growing, break through the bottleneck to the development of the small hospital, adapted to the development of modern psychiatry, 2009, six hospital of Peking University was listed in the key of the construction of the regional center for mental health, one of six hospital of Peking University in 2010 was listed in the national mental health prevention system construction and development planning ", the different expansion projects refer to the agenda.After nearly seven years in the preparation, six yuan beyond the expansion project of Peking University, according to the basic construction procedures, shall obtain the state-owned land use right, the right to use construction land planning permit, the construction project planning permit and construction license.New campus for doors, emergency treatment, hospitalization and scientific research and teaching functions such as housing, the sixth hospital of Peking University will use 3-5 years, to complete the project construction.
                At Peking University sixth hospital beyond the expansion project, not only means the sixth hospital of Peking University this national mental health service flagship will more superior hardware conditions, also marks the construction of the national center for mental health, the substantial step, the project construction to promote the development of psychiatry and mental discipline of Beijing university, promote the development of mental health of all has the vital significance.