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                  Tel: 0511-88219009

                Beijing's new airport

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                Beijing daxing international airport, also known as the second international airport in Beijing, Beijing's new airport, eventually named temporarily not sure.Construction in Beijing's daxing district and hebei langfang city guang Yang district between large international aviation integrated transport hub.
                Forward (2040) according to the passenger throughput of 100 million passengers, the quantity of aircraft take-off and landing vehicles 80 the size of the construction of seven runway and about 1.4 million square meters of terminal, the airport reserved land control, in accordance with the terminal (2050) passenger throughput of 130 million person-time, aircraft take-off and landing vehicles 103, nine runway the scale of the reserve.The principal part of the project covers an area of the airport in Beijing, is the Beijing capital international airport, Beijing nanyuan airport (move) after the third passenger at the airport, the current construction of four the runway and a dual-use nanyuan airport (air force), 70 square meters terminal, passenger seat nearly 92, scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019, in 45 million passenger flow, the construction of the first satellite hall, the terminal area of 820000 square meters, jet plane reservation nearly 137, to make it meet the designed capacity of 72 million person-times.Beijing for the construction of the new airport is a crack in the Beijing area air saturated hardware ability, promote the integration of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, led China's economy is the new normal, makes the upgraded version of the Chinese economy is important infrastructure support.
                In 2016, Beijing's new airport construction started construction main body, supporting facilities design has been completed and will start in succession, Beijing's new airport T1 terminal area buildings with a total area of 1.43 million square meters, the terminal body of 1.03 million square meters, is divided into three blocks, respectively by the Beijing urban construction, Beijing construction, zhongj