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                The qinghai-tibet railway

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                The qinghai-tibet railway, hereinafter referred to as the qinghai-tibet railway, refers to the railway to Tibet autonomous region of qinghai province, belongs to one of China's national trunk railway lines.
                Qinghai-tibet railway, the railway grade for wang Ⅰ level, west for double-track electrified railway, gela section to single the electrified railway, known as "days".Qinghai-tibet railway from xining in qinghai province and passing through golmud, kunlun mountain, tuotuo river on down, climb mount tunggula mouth, into the Tibet autonomous region anduo, naqu, male, yambajan, Lhasa.Total length of 1956 km, is the important route of Tibet, is the highest elevation in the world, the longest plateau railway journey on permafrost, is one of the four major projects in the new century in China, in September 2013 to be included in the "one hundred project" in the world, is a monument to world railway history.
                After decades of efforts, the qinghai-tibet railway project four three times: the west section of 814 km, in the 1950 s to construction, building 1979, operations in 1984;Gela section 1142 km (1110 km) new line because there are thousands of permafrost, cold ischemia, ecologically fragile three world-class puzzle and stopped for a long time, finally overcome the difficulties and to start in June 2001, opened on July 1, 2006.On August 16, 2014, the qinghai-tibet railway line, railway was opened.
                The qinghai-tibet railway promote Tibet into the era of railway, close spatial and temporal ties with the mainland in Tibet, pull the economic development of the Tibetan belt, known as development road, unity and happiness.This magical days as auspicious hada, carrying snow area development and happiness of children to the park.
                On September 12, 2016, seven years, a total investment of 1.298 billion yuan of the qinghai-tibet railway in seamless rail laying project, completed the full 1956 km railway implements "Trinidad" the Tibetan a rail, the train had the very big enhancement in the comfort and safety.