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                  Add:No. 508 Ganglong Road, Economic Development Zone, Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province (212213 )
                  Tel: 0511-88219009

                China unicom data center

                Publisher:Yineng group Release time :2018/7/3 8:34:18 Click on the:1518 Shut down

                China united network communications group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "China unicom") on January 6, 2009 in the original China netcom and China unicom merger on the basis of the established, in the domestic 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government), and has opened a branch overseas countries and regions, is the only Chinese in New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hong Kong and listed telecom operating companies at the same time, for many years to be included in the "world 500 strong enterprises".
                China unicom is mainly engaged in GSM, WCDMA and FDD - LTE standard mobile network, fixed communication service, domestic and international communications facilities services, satellite international special business, data communications services, Internet access and all kinds of telecom value-added business, communication and information business related system integration business, etc.On January 6, 2009, the original China united telecommunications co., LTD. And China network communications group corporation reorganization merger, the new company changed its name to China united network communications group co., LTD.For prior to the merger of China unicom, which the industry often call in "new unicom".
                China unicom has covered all parts of the world has been formed, communication network, promote the broadband in the fixed network and mobile network, for the majority of users to provide comprehensive, high quality information and communication services.In January of 2009, China unicom, won the most mature and most widely used technique in the world today, the most perfect standard in the industry of 3 g licences, has "wo 3 g / 4 g", "walter", "family" and other well-known brand customers.
                On February 11, 2018, China unicom posted on restricted stock incentive plan (revised draft) and the first award scheme (revised draft), and a series of related announcement.First proposed to incentive object is not more than 847.88 million shares of restricted stock, accounts for about 2.8% of the total equity of the current company.