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                  Add:No. 508 Ganglong Road, Economic Development Zone, Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province (212213 )
                  Tel: 0511-88219009

                Wuhan Rail Transit

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                Wuhan Metro serves urban rail transit in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. Its first line, Wuhan Rail Transit Line 1, was opened on July 28, 2004, making Wuhan the first in Central China. A city that has opened rail transit. As of December 2017, there are 7 Wuhan rail transit lines, including Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 4, Line 6, Line 8, Yangluo Line, a total of 167 stations, lines With a total length of 237 kilometers, the length of the line is ranked 7th in mainland China. As of December 2017, a total of 16 (paragraphs) of Wuhan Metro Lines were under construction, including Line 2 Nanyan Line, Caidian Line, Line 5, Line 7 Phase 1, Zhifang Line, Phase 2 Line 8, The third phase of Line 8, the first phase of the east section of Line 11, the second phase of the east section of Line 11, the No. 12 line, and the Qianchuan line, the mileage is 360 kilometers under construction. By 2020, Wuhan Rail Transit will form 11 lines and a total of 401 kilometers of rail transit network, basically forming a rail transit network system with “Main City Networking and New City Line”.
                As of April 2018, the daily passenger volume of Wuhan rail transit was 2.7 million times, the highest daily passenger volume was 3.514 million times, ranking sixth in the country, and the passenger flow intensity was 1.5-1.8 thousand person-times per kilometer, accounting for the city's bus passenger traffic 38 %. In 2017, Wuhan Rail Transit transported 927 million passengers, with an average daily passenger flow of 2.5397 million passengers, carrying 23.5% of the city's public transport passenger volume.

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