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                  Add:No. 508 Ganglong Road, Economic Development Zone, Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province (212213 )
                  Tel: 0511-88219009

                Cnooc guangxi

                Publisher:Yineng group Release time :2018/7/2 17:09:30 Click on the:1482 Shut down

                Project address located in the eastern part of city land reclamation area in southeastern port no. 1 road on the east side.
                Cnooc guangxi LNG ChuYunKu project with a total land area of 138217.126 ㎡, the total construction area 11021.46 ㎡, meter construction area of 35630 ㎡, volume rate is 0.291, the building density is 15.7%, the rate is 20%, content of construction maintenance workshop, air suppress nitrogen station, substation, comprehensive control building, BOG, compressor, BOG, liquefaction factory, aerated tent, make out an invoice, LNG storage tanks, loading station, a total construction area 11021.46 ㎡, parking 20.

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