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                  Add:No. 508 Ganglong Road, Economic Development Zone, Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province (212213 )
                  Tel: 0511-88219009

                Core value of the company: science and technology, humanity and responsibility

                Paraphrase: science and technology is the primary productive force, the existence and development of the enterprise must be based thereon, only in this way of focusing on the development of science and technology, and technical innovation, can our products meet customers' demands, can enterprise obtain vitality, the core of technical innovation and company is people, if enterprise wants to get an own talent team, be sure to pay attention to the culture management and to the development of personality, so as to take care of everyone ticulously, which can promote them to serve the enterprise better, and at the same time, enterprise should pay attention to the establishment of harmonious interpersonal environment, only in this way, can enterprise obtain powerful cohesion, responsibility is the basis for the enterprise and everyone to do deeds well, such kind of responsibility not only embodies in staff's duty on work, company's responsibility on customers, but also embodies in enterprise's responsibility on society.

                Theme slogan of the company: science and technology manifests humanity, responsibility achieves future
                Paraphrase: science and technology is the primary productive force! Aeneon Electric achieves development via science and technology, and pursues environmental and green development road via human-based management, so as to convert "people first" into today's reality, science and technology achieves humanity and harmony! Responsibility is emphasized in Aeneon Electric, responsibility for customers and responsibility for the society, responsibility is the basis to build future.
                Yineng's quality policy: technological innovation, pursuit of excellence, customers' satisfaction
                Paraphrase: Scientific and technological innovation is the key to improving product quality. Yineng should pursue to provide excellent products and solutions to customers, and ultimately achieve customers' satisfaction and exceed customers' expectations.

                Yineng's talent concept: ability, knowledge-base, learning

                Ability is the first. It is our standard in selecting talents. Yineng first value the ability of a person, including the practical ability and the ability to respond to emergencies. knowledge is the basics of technological innovation, ability. Knowledgeable is the cornerstone of innovation and talents. Therefore, Yineng talents should be good at learning, continuous learning and lifelong learning.
                Yineng's goal

                Short-term goal: to solve the problems in current technology, product safety evaluation system and production process controlling. To rely on its own unique advantages and foundations, and strive to open up new markets. To expand the visibility and influence of enterprises across the country and build their own brands with high reputation.

                Long-term goal: to achieve the group's diversified development, actively to explore the international market, and to complete the international transformation of the enterprise.
                Corporate mission and vision

                The company takes science and technology to revitalize the country as its mission. It aims to provide products and services that exceed customer satisfaction, and to serve the society and create a quality life and production environment. Advocate harmonious development, sustainable development, focus on environmental protection, and ultimately achieve the common growth of enterprises and employees, with customers, and society.
                Yineng's work style: try our best, do our duty, and make all perfect
                Try our best: do what you can well
                Do our dutydo what you should do well
                Make all perfectdo whatever well